Hemera is a full-stack software solution for embedded and IoT devices. It is an operating system coupled with an Application SDK, allowing you to create your custom embedded product in minutes. Forget about complex installations, long deployment and integration times and custom extra work needed for every new device. Hemera is as simple as plugging your device into your PC, opening up Hemera SDK, and starting to deploy applications right away.

Hemera is all about control: it is a platform designed to be customized entirely by the final user to create its very own product. Production devices have no hidden services or any other covert mechanism to collect data, and the default UI can be customized entirely to your liking. Your privacy and your data are first class citizens.

Hemera is all about compatibility: it supports the widest range of embedded devices on the market, from smaller ARM9 CPUs to modern AArch64, not counting MIPS and obviously x86, with the same base set of features and the same application SDK. Having the same application running on different devices has never been easier.

Hemera is all about connectivity: it features a set of technologies designed to make it extremely fast and easy to interact with other devices or to connect to your own cloud.

Hemera is all about security and performance: it keeps your applications in the most convenient environment for execution, taking care of crash and disaster recovery, resource control, and sandboxing.

Hemera couples the ease of use and simplicity of a mobile device with the stability and reliability you might expect from an enterprise software stack. Hemera is the Industrial Mobile OS.


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