The Industrial Web IoT Mobile Embedded Embedded OS

It's for everyone

Just getting started with embedded? Go live with 0 lines of code. Are you an experienced coder? You're gonna love our SDK. Everyone should be able to go embedded, that's why there's an Hemera version for everyone.

Choose your Hardware freely

Hemera is designed to support an impressively wide range of hardware. You can finally decouple hardware from software: your developers will thank you.

Break free of your hidden costs

How much time did your team spend trying solving countless problems instead of focusing on your product? Let Hemera handle all of this, and get back to what truly matters to you.

Internet of Things. Really.

Hemera features Hyperspace: an innovative, secure and efficient connectivity stack. Going from your device to everywhere has never been easier.

We love Developers

We are developers, that's why. So don't be surprised about our multiplatform SDK, remote developer tools, extensive documentation, brilliant support and more. It's just what we would have expected to find.

Technology made simple (and reliable)

Hemera is all about the latest technologies and trends, but finds its roots in an enterprise and long-term supported system. Enjoy the best of both worlds.

Create your device in minutes

Hemera builds on a simple concept: why does embedded have to be so hard? We took the simplicity of a smartphone, the stability of an industrial platform and added the latest technologies and paradigms. Then we subtracted the complexity of the hardware, the difficulty of integration and the burdens of maintenance.

Hemera is the Industrial Embedded OS: a whole new concept in Embedded software, letting you bring back the focus on your main product, without taking away from you freedom and control. Hemera is all about your product and your efficiency, no strings or compromises attached.