Comprehensive. Advanced. Simple.

Security, taken seriously.

We know how sensible your data and how critical your product is. This is why we designed Hemera around security first. We started from how applications are run, with our innovative concept of Orbits, to make sure no application might accidentally (or not) compromise the system. We locked down Hyperspace with standard encryption protocols, and implemented different levels of authentication and authorization for accessing your devices remotely. Or you can even opt out of connectivity if you need to. And we didn’t forget about disaster recovery, filesystem encryption and much more.



Make the most out of your hardware

Hemera makes the hardware a mere detail, by abstracting everything through its SDK and Middleware. This doesn’t mean Hemera does not care about hardware at all: from GPUs to DSPs to Crypto Accelerators, every component of your board will be linked with the higher level of the stack, ensuring all of your Hardware’s capabilities are always used.

Writing hardware independent applications means not only easier and faster development, but also zero effort in porting, when upgrading to newer hardware. And you can trust Hemera in skyrocketing your application’s performances.

Hyperspace: your doorway to the Internet of Everything

When building Hemera, we wanted to turn the Internet of Things into something everyone could access. Hyperspace is our solution: a completely new way for interacting among devices and the cloud. Hemera applications can connect to Hyperspace and expose REST-like APIs. Hyperspace will then deliver them over HTTP, MQTT, Bluetooth, CANOpen, or any other transport you might want. You can also integrate your own.

Hyperspace also packs intelligent discovery features, so that devices belonging to the same network can detect if there is somebody they want to talk to. It is secure, as transports can be encrypted, and communications might require authentication. And it is so efficient it can even stream files. In case you were wondering: yes, Hemera SDK is completely built with Hyperspace. We like using our stuff!