There's a Hemera flavor for everyone

Hemera Web

Are you looking for the simplest possible embedded solution? Well, what about writing zero lines of code then? Hemera Web is a pre-made appliance delivering a full-fledged HTML5 platform. If you were looking for the perfect thin client for your Web application, look no further.

Hemera IoT

You are building a simple, single application device. You want to get to market fast, focus development on the application, rely on a stable platform. You need to keep maintenance costs to a minimum, and have ways for interacting with your device. It's ok, we know it. Hemera IoT is all of this and more.

Hemera Mobile

The ultimate tool for building next generation HMIs. Hemera Mobile delivers, among the rest, a fully multitasking platform, private app stores, outstanding performances and a countless amount of tools and helpers to build your product. If you used to envy the HMI and features of modern smartphones, get ready to outclass them.