Get started with Hemera

Download and Install Hemera SDK Download your Hemera Image for your Device Download the Hemera Emulator for your Device

Step One: Download Hemera SDK

Download Hemera SDK and start developing applications right away. Hemera SDK contains all the needed tools for developing your applications, is universal for any device and license type, and can be used with Hemera Free Packages as well. It is your one-stop for doing anything Hemera related on your machine.

For installation and instructions, please refer to our documentation.

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Hemera SDK 0.3.0

  • Windows 7 and onwards support
  • Ubuntu 14.04 and onwards support
  • Fully functional hsdk
  • Qt Creator plugin preview
Known issues and limitations:
  • hsdk (and QtCreator) might hang the device when using developer mode intensively. A hard reboot of the emulator or device might be needed
  • The update framework on the board/emulator might delay operations for the first 3-4 minutes on first boot
  • Hemera application projects must be in the user's home directory.
  • Planet API is still experimental and incomplete, and might be subject to changes in forthcoming version. API stabilization will be finalized in April.

Step Two: Download a Hemera Device and Emulator image

Hemera Device and Emulator images are provided through Start! or direct download to our customers. If you want to request a trial, you can either contact us or buy a board from one of our Hemera Ecosystem partners, either with Hemera preinstalled or with a Hemera trial available.

We also provide Free Hemera packages for a selection of Open Source boards. You can easily try out Hemera if you already own one of those. You can find direct downloads here. Also, do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get notifications whenever our images are updated, or new devices are published.

Hemera Free Package for Open Devices

Raspberry Pi will be available soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out more!